Who am I?

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My name is Amber. That's me there. I'm a creative being. I just can't help myself.


I climb rocks. I find the sound of lasers soothing. I am a sucker for a cold, wet nose.


I am a wife, a whovian, and a knitter. I want to teach you to knit, too.




Aside from the obvious self expression and social outlet knitting provides, it has been documented through many sources as having relaxing, meditative properties and is therefore an ideal combatant for stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. 


As it requires following and recognizing patterns, using both hands, and basic arithmetic, knitting is an excellent method for engaging young minds. It aids in the development of dexterity, focus, math skills, and the instrument of thinking as a whole (Eugene Schwartz). 


Creating has been "linked with well being, psychological flexibility, and the ability to self-manage and problem solve" (Stitchlinks). Exercising this skill through knitting can yield an overall increase in mood and quality of life. It's ability to focus the mind lends to treatment of hyperactivity and problem behaviors in children.


According to a recent article by Jacque Wilson of CNN, knitting improves self-efficacy, which in turn influences how we "approach new challenges and overcome disappointments in life." That is, we may feel more confident when taking on difficult tasks or persist if we don't succeed on the first try. In such an instant-gratification-world, this trained perseverance is not easily come by.


Knitting has a unique ability to simultaneously engage brain regions related to memory, attention, visuospatial processing, creativity, and problem solving. It has been shown to reduce the chances of cerebral atrophy related to aging and the chances of developing cognitive impairment. 


Basically, knitting can help to develop or maintain attentiveness and concentration, patience, and imagination. Do it. 


It's science.

(Not to mention, it's just badass.)

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