What are your resources?

You're in between lessons and need help? Don't fret. These are the top 5 resources that will see you through. 




Check my blog! There I wll be posting tutorials, project notes, shop reviews, and other helpful tidbits. If you like, subscribe and stay in the know-all of the cool kids are doing it. 


Fellow knitters

Knitting is a community. Your fellow knitters are a great support when you may be feeling unsure about interpretting a pattern, choosing a project, or color combnations. Of course, you don't need any of these excuses to just hang out with a great group of yarn lovers. 




You'll need an account, but it's free, and you want one. Ravelry is the go to place for patterns of all sorts. You can search them based on price [many are available for free], fiber type, yardage, difficulty, and any other attribute you can think of. There you can also find forums and a great number of user-generated topics. A wealth of information all in one spot.



It seem's that everyone has a video on youtube. Lots of them are bad. Dark and muffled ramblings about this or that. With that said, Youtube is a great tool for gaining the confidence to take on a new technique. Some of the better channels I've come across include NewStitchaDay and VeryPink Knits. If you need a quick reference to jog your memory on some obscure stitch, these channels are at your disposal. 


Your local yarn shop


Your LYS [that's knitter lingo for local yarn shop] can be found here. While not all shops are created equally, they are generally full of prime fiber folk and advice about which yarns are best for your project.