Learn to knit!

       Now that you know what makes knitting so awesome, I bet you can't wait to get started. I'll help you find the dapper                                   ewe-that's pronounced you [it's a female sheep]-in each of you . Just call me guru. 

Private lessons: I offer private lessons to all ages and skill levels for $20-25/hr [depending on location]. Lessons may be held in your home or in another mutually agreed upon location within 20 miles of 32904. 


Private lessons are tailored to suit your goals as a knitter. If you have a specific project in mind, but zero experience, I can help you! If you have no idea what you'd like to make, but you can't wait to get a set of needles in your hands, I can help you! If you have knitting experience, but would benefit from a refresher or are apprehensive about a challenging project, I can help you!


Quality materials are essential to a successful knitter, but aren't always accessible in our Sunshine State. I have curated some top-notch tools in my Beginner Kits--they include everything you'll need to get started.


If you are ready to book your lesson you can do that here, or send me a message here for more info. 


Please note: Private lessons are available in whole hour increments and must be paid in full at the end of each session. 

Group lessons: I offer on location [within 20 mile of 32904] group lessons to all ages and skill levels.  Rates for group lessons vary based on group size and may accomodate up to 6 indiviuals aged 6-12 and up to 10 individuals aged 12 and older.  


Group lessons are ideal for school and youth groups, employee appreciation events, and therapeutic knitting for pain, recovery, or trauma groups. The social connection facilitated by knitting will make the effects of your group lesson last much longer than my instruction. Knitting together will create a community that your group will remember with each passing stitch. 


My personally curated Beginner Kits are a great option for group lessons. They will ensure all participants are euipped with the best supplies available.


If you are want to find out more about group kntting lessons send me a message here or click here to book.


Please note: Group lessons require a 2 hour minimum and must be paid in full prior to each session. 


All lessons are availble on a one-time or on-going basis.

knitting lessons Vero Beach
knitting lessons Vero Beach
knitting lessons Vero Beach
knitting lessons Vero Beach

What do you like about knitting?"I like learning new stitches and combining them to make patterns." -Damon (age 7)

"I've really come to enjoy knittng and wouldn't have done so without Amber as my teacher. It's amazing all the beautiful things you're able to create, whether it's socks, a scarf, or an intricate sweater. Amber has been an excellent instructor and taught me the abilitites needed to create such things." -Hannah (age 20)

What do you like about knitting?"I like being able to make my own clothes that I can wear." -Sophia (age 9)

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