It's time for a shop review!

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit A Good Yarn in Sarasota, FL. Shortly after entering I was greated by Edda, a former environmental lawyer, who assisted me in my hunt for Woolfolk Tynd, a sustainably produced DK Ultmate Merino yarn. I also purchased Blue Sky Metalico, an undyed Sport weight Alpaca/Silk blend.

*Stay tuned to see what they become over the next several weeks.

There are so many beutiful yarns availble to fiber crafters, but I make an effort to research the yarns I invest in to ensure they are produced responsibly. Edda was so patient and willing to help me to the best of her ability to find the right susatainable yarn for my project.

The shop was super cute and inspirational. Throughout my entire visit, which was admittedly lengthy [there's a lot to see here!], the shop was full of resident knitters workng on an array of beautiful projects. One of my favorite displays was the user-contributed underwater scene composed of many knit corals and crocheted jellyfish.

If you're in the area I would definitely recommend making the time to see this shop. They offer a huge selection of fibers and weigths with loads of knit garments to inspire you.

underwater scene


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