Pinot or Pi[knit]?


Happy 2015-let's knit! As you'll come time find, I think any excuse is a good excuse to knit. So when I found this endearing bottle of Pinot at my local grocer's I took it as a sign that I should be knittng, so I am [as soon as I finish this blog post].

Continuing with my theme of I-wanna-try-something-new, I have been working on an impromptu, Amber-designed scarf. I was inspired by a 'mistake-rib' scarf I saw on Ravelry, cast on [86 stitches, if you're counting], and was immediately bored to tears.

So, whithout much hesitation, I came up with a game plan: I ended each rib, one at a time, in no particular order, giving me an organic transition into a seed stitch rib [which I just made up, like, right now], which I swiftly plan to transition back into an abbreviated mistake rib, and back to seed stitch rib, and then end with the mistake rib. When all is said and done I'll seem it up [hello, infinity scarf] and embroider it with some fun, contrasting yarn.

--Be sure to stay tuned as the Pi[knit] works up-and stay open to knitspiration, it's everywhere!

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