Happy Birthday to Me!


Time for some selfish knitting. I think this is such a lovely sweater and I'm so excited to see it work up. I've just cast-on Brooklyn Tweed's Oshima in Tynd [the yarn I purchased on my trip to A Good Yarn-and also two other shops because I didn't know what it was going to be when I purchased it, and therefore had to hunt down the same dye lot {crisis averted}].

I've only just begun, but already I'm loving the new techniques of this pattern and the feel of this yarn. I've never used this tubular cast on before, but I must say, it provides a lovely finished edge-I think it may become a new staple in my kntting repertoire.

Though I am a temporary Floridian, I wasn't always, and have no intention of remaining one forever. Knitting this sweater reminds me of a cozier time that I've been longng for. I'm stockpiling my cold weather wardrobe in anticpation of a cooler climate.


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