Knit companions ♥

In honor of Valentne's Day, and really any day you get to spend with those you love, this post is about those you keep closest to you: those you knit with.

It wasn't until I started knitting that the saying "tight knit" really clicked. Those I knit with, those I knit for, and those I knit near and the most important people[creatures] in my life. To be brought together through knitting is to be brought together with love because, to me, there is nothing more sacred than the act of making.

This Valentine's Day when you look past your needles and see that furry face, whether it's your dog's or your husband's, knit that moment into your garment. And as you cherish each stitch over the coming years you will be able to reach back in time. To that moment. And remember pure bliss.


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