Oshima update

Oshima Sleeves

Left sleeve; check. Right sleeve; check. Warm and cozy arms; double check.

This sweater is working up beautifully, and though I had anticipated being farther along, it has been a dream to knit. Woolfolk Tynd has been my refuge over the past few weeks, full of trying, long work nights and personal roller coasters.

This merino therapy has been just the thing to ease my wandering thoughts and calm my anxious fingers. It's warm, welcoming fibers have made every stitch a treat. In every passing stitch I feel myself falling a little deeper in love. This will definitely be a yarn that I look to for future projects.

As far as the pattern, they don't get much better than this. Classic. Direct. Perfect. I've mentioned before that this is the first tme I've used this tubular cast on, and it too will see much use after Oshima has been bound. I do appreciate that Jared did give alternate instructions for knitters who may not want to use this method [but you really should give it a try].

Stay tuned to see Oshima come to life over the comng weeks!


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