New Ink


From the moment I picked up the needles on my first project I was in love. I loved the feel of knitting, the look of knitting, the idea of knitting. Having the freedom to create something, from a completely deconstructed state, was, and continues to be, entoxicating.

As the stitches have passed and the projects have been gifted, knitting has really rooted itself into my life. Into who I am. And today, I commemorated that. Today Russell helped me own my art through his.

Russell was great to work with and is a master of his craft. I would definitely reccomend him as an artist for anyone who is considering getting ink in the future. Thank you, Russell, for your beautiful work.

This tattoo, like knitting, is a reminder to take life one stitch at a time. Though it may be tempting to jump ahead to the finished project, beautiful and complete, each stitch is a precious memory to be savored. This is my knitspiration.



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