An Inspiring Space

Knitting Chair

This weekend my hubby and I submitted an offer on a new house, and it was accepted! So, of course, the first thing I did was start dreaming about the beautiful workspace I will create in our new home.

On our way home from closing on our current home we stopped at the Habitat thrift store where I found this chair for $5! It is a perfect seat for knitting and I can't wait to see it in front of our lovely new windows. This is the piece that I will be building my inpirational space around.

Of all of the influences available to us daily, I recently saw this post by maryannemoodie and was immediately struck. I will definitely be channeling her as I assemble my own workspace. Her creative nook shows that any space can be softened and animated with the right composition.

Inspirational Space

I am a firm believer that within a beautiful space you will be inspried to create beautiful things. The tools you choose to use, the space you choose to in habitat, and the belongings you fill your space with affect you and your making. I am greatful to have the opportunity to crarefully craft a new workspace filled with beauty, light, and life [and I think this chair is beautiful]. I can't wait to see what our new home will become.

Q: What do you surround yourself with to inspire you in your own space?

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