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Ravelry's queue feature is a great tool, but so often when I'm ready to start a new project I end up just searching all available patterns. I don't know why, but I kick myself every time [there's a reason I queued that pattern-it was because I wanted to knit it!]. But not this time! Now that my Oshima is nearing completion, I'm looking toward my queue to select my next project. As you can see, my queue has taken on a life of it's own. Nine pages deep, I've queued everything from mits and sweaters to intriguing stitch and color inspirations. So, when selecting my next pattern I consider many things:

My stash Though I love collecting yarn of all hues and fibers, I buy yarn to knit it. When I'm selecting a pattern to cast on I first consider what I could complete with yarn I already own. When looking through your own queue you can narrow it by searching a particular weight.

Change of pace Typically, I don't like to knit two similar projects one right after the other. Currently I'm working opposite ends of the knitting spectrum: a stockinette sweater and a lace shawl. That isn't to say that I will shy away from a project just because it is another shawl or sweater, but I will seek out a sweater that utilizes a different construction or shawl with a different stitch pattern.

Time frame Do I have time to knit the project I want? Honestly, most of my knits as of late have been selfish, but hey, I knit what I want. Occasionally though, I do like to knit gifts for those I love. So, it is important to conider whether or not I can realistically complete my knt in the alloted time. Currently, I will NOT be taking on any crunch projects. With our pending move, looming boxes calling out to be packed, and family health scares I can not commit to one more single thing. Which brings me to my next factor...

Novelty vs. Therapy I value novelty highly. I am always looking for a new technique to tackle. Some skill to master. But sometimes, a girl's just gotta knit [which reminds me of a hibernating mosaic shawl that I've been neglecting-my last 'I've-just-gotta-knit' project-whoops.].

So, what have I narrowed it down to? Well, the hubby requested a sweater, last Christmas, but I couldn't make up my mind on yarn. As a consumer I wanted to make a responsible choice, [that's a topic for another post, but in the meantime you can find out more about it from Ashley. I consider her a spokesknitter for this cause] so I ended up choosing Swans Island All American, which has finally arrived. Now, I just need to make up my mind on a pattern. Here's what I'm looking at: Hugo and Oliver. Both are all-over pattern sweaters, so they are definetly a change of pace from what I've been working on, and honestly they're quite novel for me, too. I've done several sweaters, but never one like these. Also, we live in Florida, so I have pleanty of time to get this thing done. Now, I just have to stop being so damn indecisive.

*And though I've "decided" on knitting hubby's seater, don't give that too much weight. I may end up doing something crazy, like knitting a giant wall tapestry for the new house [this will happen at some point].


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