Dreaming of organization

With our pendinig move my home is in disarray, my life in boxes, and most of those boxes are turned on their side. Only a few weeks remain until these sideways boxes are upright in our new home and in those weeks I will be filling the spaces in my mind with the organiztion I have been longing for. I fully believe that the tools of your craft and the storage of those tools should be both functional and beautiful. The tools we surround ourselves with are the things closest to us during the creative process and therefore the things with the greatest impact on our inspiration. Surrounding yourself with beautiful possessions is to stoke the flame of inspiration.

yarn in jar.jpg

In the moments that I haven't been covered in packing tape or surrounded by cumpled newspaper, I have been gawking through the endless pins in seach of beautiful organization. Among the tacky soda bottles filled with unruly yans [don't get me wrong, I'm all for recycling, but I doubt the inspiring properties of a hacked up bit of plastic] there are lovely glass and wicker vessels filled with handspun, hand dyed skeins of goodness beautifully displayed and within reach. This is the organization that I will channel in my own creative space. Until then, I can dream.

yarn in basket.jpg


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