Binding off


This weekend, between consolidating boxes and fits of exhaustion, I found refuge in the finishing rows of sweet dreams. This has been a fun, easy knit with a very intuitive lace. The color change of this project has been a fun twist on the boring monotony that accompanies many lace shawls. I'm currently halfway [that's being generous] through the picot bind off of these many hundreds of stitches and I'm finding it suits the pattern quite well.

Due to the size of my blocking mats they're not getting packed, so I'll be able to block this piece before the move, which I hadn't anticipated [hooray for oversized blocking mats]. It seems fortuitous that the conclusion of my current knits has coincided with the uprooting and restarting of the rest of our lives. With that said, this is my 20th blog post! When I started this blog I wasn't quite sure what I was doing or what it would be, but as the weeks roll by it is becoming more familiar and a welcomed outlet for the happenings of my life...the stitches keep on passing and the sun keeps on setting and I couldn't be happier.


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