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This week, as suggested by a Dapper Ewe reader, I want to tell you about one of my favorite beginner projects [if you have a suggestion for a post, please tell me here, or leave a comment below]. One pattern that suggest to many of my clients as their first knit is It's a Cinch. If you're looking for a versatile garment to cast on for your first project, give this one a gander.


What I like about this pattern.

This pattern is an ideal one for beginners as it is writen for worsted weight yarn and size 9 needles [which is a perfect combination for learning hands].

It is a quick knit. Instant gratification is key for fresh knitters. When you have a finished product to hold in your hands, or wear on your head, all of your hard work is reinforced. It is the first step towards longer projects.

What I love about this pattern.

Once you have worked this pattern and are comfortable with the required knit stitch, cast on, bind off, and seaming, you can adapt it to easily accomodate other techniques and hone new skills.

For instance, this pattern can incorporate the provisional cast on and grafting, aka the kitchener stitch. A new knitter looking to practice changing colors or combining stitches to create a border or overall texture would easily be able to do so with this pattern.

The possibilitites are endless!

If you do decide to cast on your own It's a Cinch, please remember to share.

I'd love to see your FOs!


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