New project, new tutorial: Chinese Waitress Cast On.

Finally, finally, finally I am casting on my Oliver. I have wanted to start this project for such a long time. First, I couldn't decide what yarn to work it with, then, life happened and we decided to move and take on all of the chaos that that entails. Now that things are starting to ressemble some bit of normalcy and there is less and less of our lives in boxes, I feel comfortable making the necessary commitment to take on a sweater project.

With that said, my first task was to choose a cast on. Criteria? Something stretchy, since it's a cuff edge. Something with a clean profile. There are many cast ons to choose from, but ultimately I chose the Chinese Waitress cast on. It's stretchy. It has a lovely clean edge. and, bonus, it's a short tail cast on. What does that mean? That means that I don't have to worry about making my tail long enough to accomodate 200 plus stitches, with the threat of tearing out and starting over if I'd miscalculated.

To work the Chinese Waitress cast on you place a slip knot on your left neede, leaving a short tail. The right needle is placed behind and perpendicular to the left needle. The working yarn is then taken behind the right needle, over the left needle form bottom to top, and around the right needle knitwise. Using the right needle, that knitwise wrap is pulled to the front of the left needle. Before continuing the stitch on the right needle is carefully removed, untwisted, and replaced. The right needle is then returned to it's original perpendicular position and the working yarn is wrapped and pulled to the front as it was before. This time you will have two stitches on the right needle. The bottom stitch, the one that was untwisted previously, is pulled over the top stitch and off of the right needle. The remaining stitch is then untwisted. This process is then repeated until you have cast on one less than the necessary number of stitches for your project. The stitch remaining on your right needle is placed on the left needle and becomes your final stitch.

I hope that this video and these writen instructions can help you to take on this awesome cast on.

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