I am very excited to unveil the all new dapper•mobile! I have been working hard on putting together this design to spread the word about DapperEwe and therein the love that is knitting [not to mentioned the smiles to be had from this very dapper ewe, in a fez].

This week I am working on a poof. One that I have been planning to work for an embarassingly long time. Let's just say, I've had the stuffing for the poof in the last three homes we've lived in. Anyways, there is something about seeing heaps and heaps of floor pillows strewn about that I find so welcoming. I have pinned many a pins of such a sight, but I just can't bring myself to spend $50 on a twelve inch square pillow that's as scratchy as my dog's feet, let alone a sea of them. This knit poof is my first step towards that inviting, soft space I have in my head. Look forward to a progress update next week!

Until then, keep your eyes peeled for me when you're out and about, and please share if you see me on your adventures!


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