Bittersweet Poof


The poof is done. If you would like to make your own, this is what I did:

The body:

Using a super bulky yarn and a 16" size 15 circular needle CO 55 using a provisional CO.

[I used a single ply, approximately 200 yds. This tutorial shows one method for the provisional cast on, alternatively you can just cast on using the long tail cast on and waste yarn.]

Work flat in stockinette, slipping the first stitch of each row, until you are almost out of yarn.

[This is a good practice anytime you're working stockinette flat, but especially helpful here since we'll be using these slipped stitches to seam later.]

Pick up stitches from CO edge and graft together with the live stitches using the kitchener stitch.

The top:

I used Julie as the doily pattern for the top.

[This will link you to the english translation of this pattern. I worked only to the end of the petals, row 37]

Again using a super buly yarn [I think I used 75 yards], CO using Emily Ocker's circular cast on and size 13 DPNs.

[This is my favorite tutorial for this cast on. Transfer to a circular needle when your stitches no longer fit on your DPNs.]

After working to the end of the petals BO and seam your doily by knitting into the slipped edge stitches along with your live stitches.

[You will have to fudge this a bit. I had an extra four live stitches per section, so I worked two live stiches into one slipped stitch twice per section].



After I weaved in all of my ends I backed my doily with some fabric [less than a yard] to keep the stuffing in. I stuffed my poof with lots [and lots] of stuffing that I had been hoarding from old pillows and comforters.

Next, I worked some scrap yarn through all of the slipped stitches on the bottom, pulled it tight, and closed up the cinched opening.

Finally, I tacked down the tip of each petal and the center of each section background, taking care to place them all on the same row.

This was a hard project to finish. Not due to technique or skill, but as a result of circumstance. I've mentioned previously that this project has been in my mind for some time. I had always imagined that upon it's completion it would promptly be taken over by my dear, dear Dexter and overrun with fluff. With his unexpected departure this weekend, this poof has become a bittersweet reminder of his lazy nature; a reminder that I am happy to have.


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