Daydreaming of seasons ❄

With the start of school coming right around the corner I can't help but think of the pending season change that I once associated with this time of year. It has been so long since I've felt that coolness on the air, that crisp smell carried along the coming stillness. It was that memory that I relished as I completed the finishing stitches of Oshima.

I worked the second size of Oshima and didn't make any mods to the pattern expect for tacking the sleeve cuffs into the first row of live stockinette stitches. This was my first project using Woolfolk Tynd and I am really pleased with the outcome; the drape is lovely and the feel is so soft and comforting [exactly what I want against my skin on a cold day].

Though I won't be wearing this any time soon [thank you, seasonless Florida], I will be daydreaming about that bite on my nose as the school year unfolds.


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