Quick knits

After finishing a project like Oshima, I like to reset with a quick, mindless knit. This go, that mindless knit was a flat, bulky swatch that I seamed together [with a bindoff seaming technique-instructions below] and cinched on one side to turn into a hat for my niece. I'm going to be adding a big poofy pom pom to the top at some point this week [so stay tuned for a tutorial next week].

[bindoff seam]

This is a very easy way to seam a garment without having an extra step and extra ends to weave in later. Since I had the same number of live stitches as I did in the cast on edge it was very easy to ease my seam.

For each live stitch that I knit into I picked up one stitch from the cast on edge [your looking for the head of the stitch as marked in the photo above], pulling the working yarn through both stitches, as if the were one, effectively knitting the two stitches together and seaming as I boundoff.

[Place right needle through live stitch and caston stitch]

[Pull working yarn though both stitches]

[You'll then have two stitches, just like any other bindoff]

[Pass the first stitch over the second, like normal, and continue until you

have boundoff/seamed all stitches]


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