Pom poms for everyone

As promised, here is a pom pom tutorial. Pom poms are super easy to make and can be just the thing you need to top off your project. You don't need much, though there are pom pom making novelties available; you can make a pom pom with just some cardboard, a marker, and some scissors.

Trace two large circle on your cardboard [I used the top of a martini glass] and two smaller circles inside of those.

Cut out your circles and remove the interior circles. There should be an opening in your ring. This opening will allow you to wrap your working yarn easily.

Holding both rings together, begin wrapping your working yarn, continuing until you can no longer see the cardboard between your wraps.

Once your done wrapping, place your scissors between the rings, cutting the wraps, pulling the working yarn between the rings as you go.

Once all of the wraps have been severed, use the working yarn to bind them all together and knot.

That's it! Easy, peasy. Fluff your masterpiece and attach it to your project with the working yarn.

Dreaming of fall until next week. See you then!


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