School is hard.

I realized last night [because that was the first time in two weeks that I've been able to stop and breathe] that I didn't get to post last week. When I accepted my current position three months ago, I had no idea how unprepared for it I was [and if I had I probably would have turned it down]. The last two years I spent working in a private school in no way prepared my for the never-ending test [both for me and the kids] that lay ahead. With that rant out there, I've decided that my weekends are my own. I work hard enough during [all hours of] the week, that I deserve my weekends; I am reclaiming them for my making and my sanity.

On a happier note, Isaac Oliver is progressing nicely. The yarn has been lovely to work with and I've really gotten into the flow of the pattern, though it's been several days since I've had a chance to work it. Luckily, since I'm in FL, I still have plenty of time before Hubby actually needs this.

Another exciting note: I have been lucky enough over the past couple of weeks to be working on a few sample knits that will be published next spring. I will keep you posted, as always, as the designs are released. Until next week [I promise], happy knitting!


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