A Chest Full of Wool

Instagram continues to be a place of uplifting inspiration, a motivating community. While admiring the brilliant individuals that populate my feed, I stumbled across a new instagram hashtag that I love: #operationsweaterchest.

The idea of a sweater chest is something that I have always found to be quite endearing. A lovely heirloom chest, passed down within a family, filled with handknit garments, is like a treasure chest that can be rediscovered as the cooler months demand it's unpacking each year.

Not dwelling on the benefits of storing your knits in a chest to prolong their life and shape, storing your knits in a chest just feels like the right thing to do. Just as having access to beautiful tools inspires beautiful making, having your knits stored in a beautiful way keeps them dear to you.

Finding this hashtag seemed fulfilling and motivating at the same time. It felt inevitable that I would stumble across it because the idea of a sweater chest is not a novel one, but knowing of its existence somehow revitalizes the notion. So, here's to filling your chest with loving, woolen stitches.

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