A lesson you only need to learn once...

So, Isaac Oliver was progressing nicely, on track to be finished before our Thanksgiving trip to GA, when I looked down at the growing garment in my lap, and started questioning the direction in which it was growing.

When I cast on for this project I spent forever getting started. First, I couldn't decide which cast on I wanted to use, then I twisted my stiches while joining [ugh!]. Despite all of those bumps in the road, I was really starting to love this project; the way the moss stich worked up in this yarn was enchanting.

But, thinking back, I realized that when I was determing what size to work up, I asked my husband for his chest measurement. He apparently doesn't know his own size. After having him try on the half-worked sweater, I confirmed my fear that I have spent the past two months working on a sweater that was three inches too big. That is one lesson I will only have to learn once.


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