A place to wash my knits.

When we were searching for a new home at the start of this year one of my requirements was a laundry sink, so that I could have a place to wash my knits. I loved our last home [I cried when we signed the papers to list it], but I do not miss akwardly struggling to block my knits in a cramped, 1-square-foot kitchen sink.

Since we moved into our new place last May, my vision of the perfect laundry room has been in the works. We had to have plumbing run for the sink, have the drywall patched from the plumbing work, and wait for the concrete molds to be made, poured, and cured. Even though the sink and countertop were installed in August, it took us a while to get the sink up and running.

It took a couple weekends for us to get the faucet installed and even more weekends to get and install all of the materials for the drain [there was one point before the drain was finished that I put a bucket under the sink just so I could use it], but finally it is finished and I love it. It is huge and deep and beautiful and it was definitely worth the wait.


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