I like to make things.

Today I started a project that has been on my list for about two years: a dress form.

I'm making an effort to simplify [my home, my wardrobe, my life], and part of that process for me has been checking off my to-do lists. Whether those to-dos are half started, or not at all, I'm making an effort to complete them just the same.

The duct tape I purchased for this project, the wood scrap I've been hoarding for the base, and the raw wool I'd dedicated to stuffing this form have been sitting, collecting dust for at least two years. I'm happy to say that they have finally realized a new life.

While I'm not marking this off the list just yet [I'm planning to upholster it and build a stand for it], I feel accomplished knowing that these individual parts aren't forgotten in a dark closet, and will soon be a staple tool in the sizing and photographing of many selfish knits.

Don't forget about the upcoming Traveller Hat KAL. Post your project photos with #dapperewetravellers. I'll be finalizing my colors next week [take that indecision]!

#toolsandworkspace #myprojects

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