Head Sweaters

Since I'm using a DK weight yarn, which stands for double knitting because you need to hold it double to equal a standard worsted weight, I just about doubled the number of stitches I cast on for Sue Jackson's Traveller Hat. We're starting our K[nit]AL[ong] this week, and I can't wait to see how all of these head sweaters turn out.

I decided to use Catherine Lowe's Tubular cast on because I love the edge it creates. To use this cast on you divide the number of stitches required by 2, then add 1. Since I decided on 180 stitches, I cast on 91 stitches using a plain old long tail cast on in waste yarn.

Using the working yarn, purl the next now. On the next row, you will be increasing, a lot, to reach the total number of stitches. Knit the first stitch, then pick up the strand betweem this stitch and the next in a front to back, or away-from-you motion; purl it. Repeat these two stitches until you have only 2 stitches remaining: knit the first stitch and purl the sticth you pick together with the last stitch. At the point you should have the desired number of stitches.

At this point, you'll join to work in the round.

Thoughout the next round, alternate between slippping your knit stitches with the yarn in back and purling your purls. For the next round, switch, and knit your knits and slip your purls with the yarn in front. You'll repeat a knit-slipping row one more time before you're ready to remove your waste yarn.

The tubular cast on is a little more work, but I think it is time well spent!

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