New Year, New Goals

Sitting here, with my editor [my boxer♥] in my lap, I'm excited about all of the potential this year holds. Last year I published Dapper Ewe and my first blog post; this year I plan to push myself and Dapper Ewe. My goal is to continue to share my knitting journey with you, but also to share more tutorials and product knowledge, too. I have some exciting posts planned and hopefully a few surprises.

As far as personal knitting goes, after finishing up a few nearly complete wips [namely Isaac Oliver], I have a few projects already in mind. In line for my needles this year: a light-weight cardi for me, a jacket for the editor, some fingerless mits, and a pair of leg warmers. Delaney and I found ourselves ill-prepared for cold weather travels this season [Florida will do that to you].

Congratulations to the winner of the anniversary giveaway! IngePurl was the lucky winner of one skein of ToshLight.


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