Attention to detail

I recently cast on for a pair of improvised baby leg warmers for my new nephew. I cast on using the Chinese Waitress cast on, which I chose for its clean edge and stretchy nature. When it came time to bind off I tried a few options that were recommended as good matches for the CW cast on-I hated them all.

I am admittedly a perfectionist and no one would have cared if I had left my bind off the way I'd initially worked it, but the bind off did not match my cast on to my satisfaction and as a perfectionist I was determined to find a solution.

So, what's a perfectionist to do? I tore out, cast on the hem from the opposite direction, and will graft the two sides together. Perfect! The edges match because they're both worked the same and my OCD tendencies are satisfied.

Initial edges: The bound off edge on the left did not match the cast on edge on the right.

Reworked: The edges are now a perfect match!

Graft: All that remains is to graft the cuff onto the leg warmer.


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