Does this color compliment my...fur?

I need your help. If you know me, you know that I am indecisive. And when I can't make a decision, I just don't. But enough is enough. Every year it happens: we flee Florida in search of some seasonal weather and we find it, leaving our boxer excited, but chilly. We're forced into the nearest pet store in search of a sweater, but none of them ever fit her [not to mention they're hideous] and I'm left kicking myself for, yet again, not having knit her sweater. So this year, along with your help, I'm going to pick a color to compliment her beautiful copper coat and finally cast on her sweater. Please, for Delaney's sake, leave a comment for your favorite color below: 1-pea coat navy, 2-delft blue, 3-cypress green, 4-belize teal.

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