An update on Delaney's sweater

First things first, thank you to all of you who made it out to the Melbourne Craft Fair this weekend. I had a great time talking yarn and stitches with everyone! One thing I heard a lot was people saying they didn't think they were capable of certain techniques. It has been, and continues to be, my belief that everyone can knit and knit beautifully. And it is my job to make you believe it, too. It is my job to embolden you. Now, onto this week's post.

Since I spent so much time last week getting for the show, I didn't get to do a lot on Delaney's sweater. Now that the show has past, that is where I'm anxious to focus my attention. I have completed the you, split for the sleeves, and finished the chest panel.

[*Fundamental Note*] The chest panel is worked flat in stockinette. Translation: this texture is created by working a knit row on the right side and a purl row on the wrong side. When knitting in this fashion it is important to remember to slip the last stitch. This not only remedies the loose last that plagues flat stockinette, but creates a clean edge in which to work later [which I will be doing to pick up stitches for the sleeves].

Next up is to work the back color work panel so that I can rejoin under the arms. Delaney will be sharply clad in no time.

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