Delaney's Sweater is Finished

Delaney's sweater is finished! I really enjoyed every bit of this project and am thankful for Karen Templer's KAL which pushed me to cast on.

Early on in the planning process I decided I wanted to challenge myself a bit try something new with this project: steeking. Steeking is a process that utilizes the ease of knitting color work in the round, despite the end goal of having a flat garment. Ultimately, you're cutting your knit. This process may seem intimidating, but as with anything in knitting, it's nothing to fear.

As I mentioned, steeking is something that must be decided on before you begin your project, as it is worked over several stitches that must be accounted for during cast on. After binding off, you'll work two crochet chains along these stitches, and carefully cut the legs between them to complete your steek. The garment hem or trim is used to conceal the cut edges, securing any lose ends. [Note: When deciding if steeking is right for your project, it is important to consider the fiber you're working with, as feltable fibers will help to reinforce your edges.]

When I was planning this sweater initially, I thought I'd be incorporating button holes and buttons for the closure, but as I became more familiar with the concealed edge, I realized this wouldn't work [every time you'd button the sweater you'd be pulling at, or going through, the cut edge]. So, I thought about a few different things: magnetic clasps, hook and eye clasps, toggles and loops. I wasn't thrilled with any of those options. The winner? A zipper.

Installing a zipper on a knit garment was another thing I'd never done before, which, of course, made me want to try it even more. I ended up ordering a standard 27" metal zipper online since my local stores didn't have anything that long [I did end up pulling out a few teeth and shortening it to fit the sweater perfectly]. I couldn't be happier with how this sweater turned out.

Sadly, this sweater won't be debuting on our winter holiday. Delaney recently tore her ACL and will be having surgery on the 8th, so she'll be rocking her new threads in our very mild Florida winter.


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