Color Comfort

It's no secret to me: I have a pretty well defined box from which the hues of my wardrobe come. Nevertheless, it is always funny when the stars, or stitches, align to remind you exactly where your color comfort zone is.

Since I have a lull in shows over the next few weeks and knitwear season is upon us, I decided to give my knits a bath. It has been overdue for some of my well worn favorites, and there's nothing like a good soak-n-shape to bring your garments back to life. [This is a prime point to interject: one of my favorite qualities of wool is how infrequently it needs to be washed. It's inherently anti-bacterial and stain resistant, so it doesn't need the regular laundering treatment of other fibers.]

I have one shawl in particular, that neon one, that I often thought I hadn't blocked aggressively enough, so I took this opportunity to repin it and open up those stitches. Much better!

I showed you mine; tell me yours. What's your color comfort zone?

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