One Yarn's Journey

I have the best grandparents. I just do. Last summer they bought me two skeins of 100% alpaca worsted yarn from their local market. I held onto it for a bit, dotting over it, squishing it, petting it-ya know, the typical new skein ritual.

Last fall, after swatching, I finally decided to cast on a ribbed pullover. I've work similar dk pullovers before, but after working most of the yoke it became clear that a) I was not going to have enough yarn for this stitch pattern and b) the sweater was working up far denser than I anticipated. Bottom line: that was not the right project for this yarn. It happens. So, I ripped out and waited.

After working the Morganite Socks for my grandmother, I decided I wanted to knit my grandfather a pair of socks as well. Knowing that I had a size 15 foot to knit for, this yarn immediately came to mind. I swatched again, cast on, and not long after had the coziest, biggest socks I've ever seen. And he loves them! I'm so happy this lovely yarn's journey was realized. ♥

Would you guys be interested in a pattern for these heavy weight socks?


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