Part of the Community

One of the main reasons I teach people to knit is to create a supportive community of makers. This week I am so excited to share two awesome community events.

One: The Melbourne Chocolate Festival. This awesome event is not only full of delicious, chocolaty goodness, but the proceeds support local initiatives to support women and girls and end human trafficking and violence against women. This event is coming to the Melbourne Auditorium on March 5th and you can get your tickets here [take advantage of a $5 discount by purchasing your tickets early]. You'll also have a chance to win a one-on-one lesson with me if you attend the event!

Two: I am partnering with Proton Paperie & Press and Peponi Yoga to bring you a series of craft workshops: YoYaPa [YogaYarnPaper]. You can find out more by following us on facebook, instagram, and twitter, and I will share updates with you here as the series develops. We want to design the series with you in mind, so please share your thoughts in this quick survey.


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