Adding beads to your knits

I recently had the chance to knit these super fun donuts as a gift for Melbourne's best and newest donut shop, The Sugar Shack. While I was embellishing these sweet knits, I decided to use beads as sprinkles for one, but I found that the beads I had would not accommodate double the yarn I was working with [In the past I have placed beads as I come to the stitch, by removing the stitch from the needle, slipping the bead over the stitch, and returning the stitch to the needle-this is easier than it sounds]. An alternative to this method of using beads is to thread your beads onto your yarn before starting your project. A key benefit to this method is that you can use a larger weight yarn with your beads, however, you do have to make sure that you have strung enough beads before starting, as you will not be able to add more once you've started. Do you have a preferred method for working with beads? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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