I love knitting. I love knit things-how they look, how they feel, how they smell. I love teaching people to knit and giving people knits. This knit in particular is for a very lovely young lady [who fortunately doesn't read my blog yet, because this is her birthday gift] whom I think is pretty special. The pattern for this heart is below - here's to putting a little more love into the universe.

Materials: size 10 dpns and circs (32")

3 skeins Ella Rae Latte (I only used a small bit of the third skein)

tapestry needle

stuffing material of choice

Gauge: 12 sts over 19 rows = 4" (not critical)

Using Judy's Magic Cast On and two dpns, CO 8sts.

Knit 1 round, placing marker after 4sts and at bor.

Repeat the following two rows until you have 132 sts:

k1, m1r, k to 1 st before first marker, m1l, k1, sm, k1, m1r, k to 1 st before bor marker, m1l, k1

k entire row

*Once you're a few rows in, divide sts evenly over 4 dpns. You will need to transfer sts to circs eventually to accommodate stitch count.

After increasing to 132 sts, work even for 1".

Lobes: On next round, using dpns, k1, ssk, k27, k2tog, k1, use circ to sl the next 66 sts, resume knitting with dpns and k1, ssk, k27, k2tog, k1.

k across sts on dpns.

Continue working decrease row followed by even row until 38 sts remain-don't work the last even row. Graft these sts together.

Using dpns work the second lobe the same as the first. Before grafting the second lobe, weave in all ends, close gap between lobes, and stuff heart. Graft second lobe and block.

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