Yoga Mat Strap Pattern

I knit this strap to simplify travel with my yoga mat. Super quick. Super easy.


One skein Quince & Co. Kestrel (shown in Ash)

Size 10 DPNS

Tapestry needle


CO 10 sts

K until last st, byf, sl 1

Repeat until piece measures 50"

Note: My mat is only 4mm. If you have a thicker mat you may want to knit a bit longer.


Work two i-cords:

CO 4 sts

K for 2.25"


(i-cord instructions: K to EOR, do not turn work. Instead, slide sts to right end of needle. Work next row, pulling working yarn across the back. Continue without turning work until you've reached desired length.)

Attach one i-cord to the CO end of strap and one to the BO end. Attach both i-cord ends to CO/BO edge with multiple passes initially, then weave in ends across entire length of strap. Pull strap through loop created by i-cord on either end to secure mat.


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