A week of surgery

A few weeks ago Delaney tore a ligament in her knee. I knew exactly what she'd done instantly because she did the same thing to her other knee last fall. She's on the mend now, but has several weeks of recovery ahead. While she's resting I've decided to some surgery of my own: sweater surgery. The patient: my Oshima sweater. The procedure: shorten the sleeves.

I love my Oshima. It is beautiful and snugly, but the sleeves were just a bit too long. It's easy to knit too far, especially when you're working with such an agreeable yarn in stockinette over short rounds. I probably measured as I was working, but fabric doesn't always stay put when you try to measure it over a single dimension. Either way, it's an easy mistake to correct.

Using DPNs, pick up stitches along the row you want to start knitting from. Once your stitches are secure, cut along the length of one round a few rows past your desired pick up point (this will allow you some wiggle room to make sure all the stitches you've picked up are actually in the same row). Frog the amputated portion for reuse, or just rejoin unworked yarn, and continue working as normal. In the photos below, the cuff on the left has already been reworked and shortened.

Shortening Sweater Sleeves

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